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Powerful Sexual Healing with Rahi Chun

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I just experienced a remarkable sexual healing session with Rahi Chun. For anyone who has some deep seated issues around sexual repression to release, or would like to get more in touch with her greater orgasmic capacity, or just want expert conscious touch, I would recommend having a session with him. The session starts with about 1/2 hour of intake about your sexual past, issues and intentions. Then I received a long pampering full body sensual massage back and front in which waves of ecstatic, orgasmic energy were coursing through me. I am sure Rahi’s expert massage will ignite and delight you. When I was more than ready, I received genital and g-spot touch.

Huge amounts of powerful vitality and rage arose in me. I suddenly saw myself either in a parallel archetypal reality or in a past life defending myself from a rapist. I was like a Ninja assassin who within seconds adeptly carved up my attacker with a knife. But now I was completely confused. My whole body–especially my hands–was both tingling with vitality and power that I had disowned as part of my shadow and completely numb at the same time.

I realized that there was a tremendous conflict between the Ninja warrioress in me and the pacifist that I consciously choose to be now, who has total distain for any form of violence. I realized that my hands could both heal and kill and I was in turmoil over this complete contradiction.

I made primal sounds and gestures to release it. I felt total freedom and permission to do all this from Rahi who held an impeccable space for this experience to unfold, resolve and release within me. His touch was totally wise and conscious and he stayed right with me, tracking my energy. He coached me through this sensation, until I was able to integrate and honor both. Afterwards he gave me time to talk, integrate and ground from this profound experience and then did an excellent follow up with me afterwards. I have felt stronger, more grounded and more vital ever since. I highly recommend doing this deep, amazing work with him! His link for more info:

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