Journey of A Sacred Sexual Evolutionary

After several years of intensive Tantra training and immersion, Leah Zahner was certified by pioneer international tantra teacher Bodhi Avinasha in 1996.  


Leah Zahner
Founder & Creative Director

Evolutionary Tantra

Evolutionary Tantra is a platform for personal pleasure and freedom in conjunction with planetary evolution and embodied ascension.  The goal of this form of Tantra is to create harmony, equality and wholeness: within the self,  between the sexes, races, and members  of all gender orientations;  so a new social paradigm rooted in accountability, spiritual awakening, compassion  and contribution, can emerge.

Couples Coaching & Retreats

Being in love is one of the most magnificent experiences any person can have. In the beginning  we are flooded with chemical transmitters that produce euphoria and the feeling of Godlike limitless possibility when you are with that person.  But what starts so magically can often deteriorate into negative patterns and triggers that erode the relationship so tragically. You need powerful tools to be able to navigate the ups and downs of any relationship. Book a counseling session or private weekend retreat and learn ways to radically increase your capacity for genuine love, intimacy, peace and growth in your relationship.