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Holotrophic Breathwork and the Fires of Transformation

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On the weekend I did an amazing 12 hr workshop in Holotrophic Breathwork with Michael Stone and his wonderful team of facilitators.  They take their time preparing and making you feel very safe to fully open into the experience. You have a partner to witness your process and look after your every need that they call “the sitter”.  You then spend 3 hours on the ground blind folded exploring the deepest recesses of your psyche.

The music is almost at concert volume. It is epic, primal and tribal: a tapestry of thundering drums rattles and war cries. It activated deep masculine warrior energy in me . The shocking message I got was that my inner male did not like being in my female body which he felt it was too weak to hold his energy.  At one point this energy turned into an unwieldy serpent that I rode like I was in a rodeo as it lashed me around. The energy that so wants to come into my body is so vast and powerful that it needs a strong yet flexible container but it kept hitting blocks in my body bringing up physical pain and density.

I was able to request “body work” from the facilitators at that point. They came and applied pressure to the area of blocked energy and I tensed those muscles and push against them with equal force and gave it sound. It was very effective. After screaming, sobbing and releasing more grief my process went into self birth and combination of rest and labor. I moved between my past, present and future sending energy to each part of  my life. There were scores of realizations so personal that they would never make sense to anyone else.

Finally the violet flame poured into my third eye and increased the space between the molecules and atoms in my body. Time expanded within me. This was a great blessing and luxury because I am always feeling compressed by the way time is so accelerated these days.

When your process is over you share your experience with your partner then draw or journal. In the next session, it is your turn to be the “sitter”. This is such a beautiful, moving experience because you are present and focused on their process and on serving them but there is space for you to continue having your own realizations and energy flows. Your ego has to get out of the way which of course is liberating. There is then a lot of time to share with your partner and the group. It is creates such exquisite time out of time.

I have done very similar emotional release work and Shamanic Trance Dance that I offer it in my classes but have not had the luxury of so much time for this particular type of shamanic journey into myself. If you have not yet had an experience of this kind,  I highly recommend it .

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