Tantra Evolved

Ask anyone, or just do a search online and it’s obvious that tantra means something different to everyone. Dating back to almost 1500 B.C. tantra has changed and evolved over centuries, as it continues to do today.

Silhouette Tantra Pose


…the art and science of conscious living and the art of creating the highest pleasure through lovemaking. Tantra uses sexuality as a vehicle to expanded states of consciousness. Tantra focuses on the enlightened state beyond our body/mind using self-knowledge, compassion and pleasure as some of the methods to attain this state.~tantra.com


Evolutionary Tantra

Created in 2008 by Leah Zahner, Evolutionary Tantra is a heart-centered, sacred celebration of sexual energy exploring the interwoven relationships between ourselves, our partners, community/society.

Leah Zahner Couch

Similar to Neo-Tantra or Western Tantra, Evolutionary Tantra builds on the practice of harnessing primal sexual energy into a focused and powerful creative life force to heal, transform and enlighten.

Light-workers, trained healers, new or existing spiritually-focused tantra students can all benefit from the gentle and transformative healing affects of Evolutionary Tantra.

Evolutionary Tantra explores the new paradigm through the unification of the masculine and feminine. Other key elements and ideas explored in Evolutionary Tantra are:

  • kundalini
  • merkaba/light body
  • transformation
  • alchemy
  • soul embodiment
  • chakra strengthening
  • violet flame
  • yogic movement
  • breath work
  • emotional release
  • toning
  • visualization
  • dialoguing
  • conscious touch
  • intentional orgasm
  • puja circles
  • dance
  • poetry
  • music