Friday night was MAGNIFICENT! Your clarity, energy and facilitation were stunning. You were masterful at taking our group so deeply into a space of love and awareness. Dave and I reflected on several exercises yesterday – many of them touched each of us deeply. Thank you! I love being a part of your community! I look forward to more events. You’re a fabulous, loving, energetic and stunning teacher. Thank you, Leah. I adore you and your feminine, graceful beauty.


Leah is absolutely delightful. She has a sweet presence about her and that sweetness is reflected and easily felt in her workshops. She gracefully integrates tantra, Merkaba visualization, light body activation and other spiritual ideas and practices into her workshops. Each of her workshops are unique and she often works with other gifted facilitates. I highly recommend Leah as a teacher and the workshops she facilitates.

Dave Ruben

Leah Zahner’s is a dedicated passionate wise teacher who has touched the hearts and souls of many including me. I believe the world is a better place because of her commitment to share the path of energetic activation for deeper tantric bonding, increased vitality and inner peace, Leah’s love of life is a true inspiration.