Somatic Sexual Healing with Rahi Chun Part 2

Somatic Sexual Healing Part 2:

In my next profound sexual healing session with Rahi Chun, he really helped me focus on keeping my energy in the lower chakras. I am a tantra teacher. In tantra, we train ourselves to move the sexual energy up the spine and circulate it through all the chakras, meridians, organs and glands so it can rejuvenate the body and create transcendent spiritual experiences. And while there is huge benefit in this training–and I highly recommend it– that energy also needs to stay present in the lower chakras so we feel grounded, passionate, primal and present as well. Rahi really helped me with just that.

He taught me to keep my attention on the sensations present in the pelvis and vagina. He showed me where I had been bypassing my greater capacity for fully embodied pleasure, presense and fulfillment, by being too addicted to transcendent sexual energy and experiences. The energy still rose in me but I felt connected to the root, grounded and very present in the sensations at the same time. This was a tremendous gift. Again I highly recommend somatic sexual healing work with Rahi Chun.

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