Inspiring Poem by Freya on a Facebook page by Dawn Cartwright called Endless Love:Creating the Tantric Relationship
“You touch my soul –
Spreading ripples of ecstasy across its surface;
Sending dark shots of longing through my heart.
How I yearn to touch your face,
Caress your belly,
But how do I truly make love
To the formless one?
Teach me to love thee,
My sweet Divine”

“Explode me!
And blast my million fragments
Across the night sky
So I can shine
With full force of love’s light
On all of creation.
No lower ambition
Can satisfy this deepest yearning”.

“If I look at the world
Through the eyes of love,
Abandoning myself to its bliss,
Will you be there for me
When the world starts to stare?”

This poem inspired my solo tantra session this morning which became all about sound and cymatics in relation to the womb, the sacrum and the spine. First I used deep Tibetan type tones to open my throat and heart then I sent the tones down into the belly and pelvis. My womb became and ancient cave , the walls reverberating with sound where I used the orgasmic energy to rebirth the adept in me and to bask in his gifts and integrate them into the fibers of my Being.

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