Below is a glimpse into the flow of the basic Evolutionary Tantra class/workshop. More advanced classes and workshops often cover specific topics and include further exploration into these basic practices. Private instruction and public workshops/classes share many of the same exercises and practices.

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Setting Intentions

It is important for individuals to answer a few short questions before each session.
 This helps clarify any boundaries, hopes and/or desires for the session.

What are my intentions for this class?
Am I comfortable with others physically touching me?
If so, are there any limitations?



Sacred Space

Sacred space is established by chanting a mantra such as Aum. This is a more feminine version of Om. This immediately centers the energy in the heart, with the heart opening Ahhh sound. It moves into the pelvis with the pleasurable Uuu sound and rushes back to resonators in the face and into the third eye with the Mmm sound.

During workshops all participants are asked to form a circle. This important shape resonants throughout life and helps bring everyone together. It unifies and harmonizes.


Activation through Energy

Using a tantric activity such as dance of the elements and four directions, fire breath circle or shakti shake, energy is generated through out the body. This energy is manifested into a healing light force and passed between one another either in a small group or with your partner. This healing light can be used for other activities including:

Massage (This can be a non-physical massage using no touching, instead only the energy in your hands.)
Chakra work

Raising Energy 

The energy builds as it is raised through all the meridians and chakras. Next we transmute the sexual charge, which stills the mind and helps us to enter into a blissful, meditative state. Sensual expression now becomes a form of transformational art.
Individuals interested in more intimate or physical work should attend the workshop with a close, trusted partner. Some positions such as the Yab Yum position require complete trust and a willingness to open and feel vulnerable that can only be achieved with someone you resonate with on every level.


Spiritual Awakening & Multi-Dimensional Experiences

We send sexual energy up the spine, into the third eye at the pineal and pituitary glands and out the crown to raise our vibrational frequency, activate the light body and have profound spiritual awakenings and multi-dimensional experiences.  The light body infuses the physical body with biophotonic light which allows it to and heal and regenerate, right down to the DNA level.



Individuals are guided through a series of visualization techniques to help see their life, surroundings and the planet as they want them to be.


Grounding & Rejuvenation

After any intimate process we have feedback and discussion time with our partners or in our groups.

We then come back into the group and end with a puja, poetry, music, songs and dance to engender a great sense of  inclusiveness, connection and unity grounded in the joy and well being of each person.