Somatic Sexual Healing with Rahi Chun Part 2

Somatic Sexual Healing Part 2: In my next profound sexual healing session with Rahi Chun, he really helped me focus on keeping my energy in the lower chakras. I am a tantra teacher. In tantra, we train ourselves to move the sexual energy up the spine and circulate it through all the chakras, meridians, organs and glands so it can rejuvenate the body and create transcendent spiritual experiences. And while there is huge benefit in this training–and I highly recommend it– that energy also needs to stay present in the lower chakras so we feel grounded, passionate, primal and present … Continue reading

Powerful Sexual Healing with Rahi Chun

I just experienced a remarkable sexual healing session with Rahi Chun. For anyone who has some deep seated issues around sexual repression to release, or would like to get more in touch with her greater orgasmic capacity, or just want expert conscious touch, I would recommend having a session with him. The session starts with about 1/2 hour of intake about your sexual past, issues and intentions. Then I received a long pampering full body sensual massage back and front in which waves of ecstatic, orgasmic energy were coursing through me. I am sure Rahi’s expert massage will ignite and … Continue reading

Genital Honoring

Genital Honoring We have all been taught to belittle our genitals. From a young age we hear them referred as junk, snatch, your nasty bits or parts. Even when we say things like ‘your fucked’ or ‘fuck you’ in the harsh pejorative, we are playing a negative sexual cord in the subconscious instead of creating the harmony we need to create a sacred sexual act. There is so much negative language around sex, that the Word, the Logos or the sound current that brings the divine into manifestation, is constantly being abused in relation to the body and its beautiful … Continue reading

New Web Site Coming and Hieros Gamos Wedding

My excellent Web designer Jenny Frank is in the process of creating a new web site for me using my favorite colors Violet, Gold and white, cosmic motifs and great new pics. I look forward to sharing it with you very soon! I had the great joy of attending and participating in the most wonderful Sacred Marriage Ceremony of Union between my beloved friends and colleagues Greta Hassel and Dennis Cohen. It was a sublime manifestation of how a  profoundly loving, heart-centered, divinely inspired couple can bless their entire community and the world with love. This is what we mean … Continue reading

Quote from Mihai Stoian’s Blog

Excerpt from a great article from Danish tantra teacher Mihai Stoian: “Tantra actually warns against the dangers of having sex without profound love, respect and commitment towards your partner. “Love-making” is a much better way to describe it, because this is what you do when you integrate tantric practices into your intimate life: you create love. Being always based upon the cultivation of our loving capacity, Tantra is never an opportunity for immoral practice; it requires an attitude that can be called “Spiritual Morality”. This attitude is rooted in the deep understanding and application of universal moral principles that can be … Continue reading

Article by Anaiya Sophia

I have been following the work of Anaiya Sophia in France and her dharmic partner Luc Tibor.  Like Joan and Thomas Heartfield, they really model what a courageously honest, deep tantric relationship can me.  They share their experiences of Hierosgamos: sacred sexual alchemical mystical union with us and with tremendous depth and inspiration. I have just started doing their womb activations combined with a breath that generates oxytocin in both men and women.  I am experiencing some powerful heart/pelvis activations from both practices which I will share at my next workshop or in phone consultations if you live far away. … Continue reading

The greatest poem by my Tantric Goddess Artist friend Lisa Citore. A great companion to my last post: DEAR BEAUTIFUL MEN: If you want to change the world… Love a woman – really Love her. Find the one who calls to your soul, who doesn’t make sense. Throw away your check list and put your ear to her heart and listen. Hear the names, the prayers, the songs of every living thing-every winged one, every furry and scaled one, every underground and underwater one, every green and flowering one, every not yet born and dying one… Hear their melancholy praises … Continue reading

Evolved Female Sexuality

An awesome quote on evolving female sexuality: “The Awakening Woman does not use sex or her femininity to manipulate or get what she wants. She ceases to engage in love-making without heart, but rather chooses love-making that is connected, organic, fully mutual, and from the healthy ego. She will not allow sex to be used as a substitute for true intimacy, or a distraction from unresolved wounds. She is not afraid to be called a prude or a slut for making her own conscious decisions around sex. She does not let patriarchy, religion, politics, the media, or the unhealthy male … Continue reading

Holotrophic Breathwork and the Fires of Transformation

On the weekend I did an amazing 12 hr workshop in Holotrophic Breathwork with Michael Stone and his wonderful team of facilitators.  They take their time preparing and making you feel very safe to fully open into the experience. You have a partner to witness your process and look after your every need that they call “the sitter”.  You then spend 3 hours on the ground blind folded exploring the deepest recesses of your psyche. The music is almost at concert volume. It is epic, primal and tribal: a tapestry of thundering drums rattles and war cries. It activated deep … Continue reading