Article by Anaiya Sophia

I have been following the work of Anaiya Sophia in France and her dharmic partner Luc Tibor.  Like Joan and Thomas Heartfield, they really model what a courageously honest, deep tantric relationship can me.  They share their experiences of Hierosgamos: sacred sexual alchemical mystical union with us and with tremendous depth and inspiration.

I have just started doing their womb activations combined with a breath that generates oxytocin in both men and women.  I am experiencing some powerful heart/pelvis activations from both practices which I will share at my next workshop or in phone consultations if you live far away.

Here is what Anaiya Sophia says about the womb that strikes a deep cord in mine.

“The birth of a new global society will occur when women’s connection with the transformative potencies of the primordial female is unimpeded. Women will effect planetary change not just by “looking to the heavens,” that is to say to the power of celestial energies. There are evolutionary impulses within the planet – not just outside it – which can only be fulfilled through humankind’s agency. Women as daughters of the primordial female will carry forth her power so that planetary evolution is fulfilled.”
The mysteries of the womb are not only about birthing children but are involved in the manifestation of spirit into form. A woman’s creative process in the womb is ongoing. When a woman is not creating a child, her womb can become the container for various spiritual formations.The womb is a powerful assembly of energies (taken from medical studies). The lights of the womb are amazing.
If one is pregnant, the energy is there. If not pregnant or if you don’t do energetic practices, the energy is available but doing nothing. This energy is about creation and synthesis – synthesis and creation. When activated with energetic practice, they create crystals or gems, which is why people discover crystals in the decomposed bodies of great spiritual beings after they’ve died.”

Honoring the creative power of sexual energy is what Evolutionary Tantra is all about. I hope you will feel inspired to use your creative imagination in conjunction with your heart and womb space and feel yourself giving birth to our new love/unity based world on 12/21/12 and beyond. There is a beautiful image in the film Femme where a woman is pregnant with the planet. Let us all (men and women) see and feel into the wombs of our minds, hearts and chakras so that we  contribute to this amazing new field of personal and collective evolutionary potential in this moment of his and herstory that we all have a hand in writing.


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