Leah Zahner at TempleAfter several years of intensive Tantra training and immersion, Leah Perlmutter Zahner was certified by pioneer international tantra teacher Bodhi Avinasha in 1996. She began teaching  at Tantrika International, as the International Correspondence Course Mentor and taught and assisted with workshops under Bodhi for many years. In addition she has been to many tantra workshops, courses and conferences and studied the work of many well known teachers such as: Margo Anand, Caroline Muir, Joan and Tomas Heartfield,  Johnathan Goldman, Mantak Chia, Brian and Light Miller, John Mumford, Satyen Raja, David Deida, Lorne Roche and Rundy Duphiney.  She worked at trade shows for the well known Tantric author Kenneth Ray Stubbs, promoting his books and DVD’s and received personal instruction from him in his work.

She now creates Evolutionary Tantra, as a platform for evolution and embodied ascension consciousness . She believes that sexual energy is the rocket fuel for personal and planetary enlightenment. If  harnessed consciously, sexual energy can be used to manifest our soul purpose, our abundance and our greatest dreams and visions of a the New Earth that is consciously equitable, environmentally sustainable, and peaceful.  The goal of this form of Tantra is also to create harmony between the sexes and give participants a greater experience of wholeness through an exploration of the divine masculine and feminine within.  Leah and her co-creators such as Greta Hassel MFT and SaRina Daly-Goode MA, offer a ceremony called Hieros Gamos: The Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine with The Divine. It was used by the ancients to reconcile all opposites within duality such as the sun and the moon, light and darkness, body and soul, heaven and earth to bring health, harmony and balance to the land, the community and the cosmos.

Leah is also certified to teach Light Body with Sonaya Roman, Trance Dance with Wilbert Alix, is a Magdalene Isis Priestess certified by Rev Ayanna Mojica and is a clergy member of the Religion of Light and Sound

She continues to study Ascension with Bryan De Flores, Mollie Summerland, Ayanna Mojica and Amoraea Dreamseed; Shamanic Tantra with Gleb from Russia and Maria Soledad from Brazil; Kunlun: an ancient Mongolian Shamanic Trance Practice; many forms of Yoga and Sound Healing.

She participates in numerous forms of Ecstatic Dance: Dance of Feminine Power; Nia, Continuum with Emily Conrad, Spirit Dance with Heaven, Sacred Dance with Eva Clay and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Her undergraduate and master’s degrees are in Film and Theater History and Theory from the University of Toronto. She wrote, directed and produced three plays with Tantric themes and a TV documentary on Spirituality and Gardening for Vision TV (comparable to PBS) in Canada.  Her intention is to continue to produce conscious media, transformational tantric films and videos. She has done videography for Bodhi, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Satyen Raja, Emily Conrad of Continuum and at the Sound Healing and Daka Dakini conferences.